Police Gear

Police gear is critical in ensuring the law is enforced effectively. A good example is the vehicles they use and the gadgets they use to track down criminals. Gadgets such as radar guns are also important in helping with the enforcement of speeding regulations. It is also not possible to enforce fingerprinting without the proper supplies.

Police Gear

If the task is about criminal and riot control, types of equipment such as pepper spray, guns, and tasers are required. This means that the police department chiefs have to ensure that their forces must be trained on the methods of using the gear carefully.

The job of a police officer is usually a difficult one. There are times they find themselves in tricky situations on the streets where they face off with some dangerous gangs and lawbreakers.

Police gear is usually designed in a way that helps the officers in different situations. You will find that the gear used in a crime scene will be different from those used during riots.

During riots, the police are required to use special types of equipment. They will also have to wear gear that will be protecting them and carry less of lethal weapons. The primary goal here is to control the crowd that has gone wild and unruly. Normally riots are composed of normal citizens and not hardcore criminals. This is why you will find police using teargas, pressurized water, pepper spray, and some special guns which carry plastic bullets. The gear they will require to carry is simply facing shields, bulletproof vests, riot helmets, kneepads, and neck protectors. The vehicles they use are also usually bulletproof.

In other instances where crime has occurred like for instance a murder or robbery, the police will use kits like fingerprinting tools to investigate traces of the criminal. Drug testing kits are also common in these cases. officers will also wear latex gloves to prevent damage to the evidence and also protect themselves. Special plastic bags are also used to drop evidence. When on a run after criminals, radar guns are commonly used.