Masada Bulletproof Backpack

Masada Armour is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of a range of one of a kind protective gear and all-inclusive clothing and equipment solutions and bulletproof backpack. They meet their customer’s needs by taking on challenging requisitions all over the world. They accomplish this without compromising their dedication to their standards of quality. They deliver their products timely without jeopardizing the product’s performance.

Backpack armor

The members of the Masada Armour team bring a unique approach that is not only original but creative as well. It enables the company to support the constantly changing needs of essential military operations, as well as the day to day demanding work of policemen, border patrol operations and civilian assignments. Their use of state of the art materials enables them to meet the highest of standards.

One of their most notable products is The Zahal Masada. It is an armored bulletproof backpack. This unique backpack appears unassuming and plain looking from the outside. However, when required it becomes a fully protected bulletproof vest in only a couple moments. The Zahal Masada is the ideal choice for both civilians and Law enforcement. This vest will ensure that no unwanted attention is drawn to the parties in dangerous situations but at the same time giving them the protection they need.

The Masada bulletproof backpack comes equipped with level III-A protection panels all throughout the vest. The Masada backpack Vest is made to weather rounds from handguns, shotguns, and even shrapnel. The vest can even be upgraded to withstand the fire of rifles. It also has the capability to be used as a regular bag to carry books, a laptop, and other everyday supplies. The vest is discreetly concealed in a separate chamber of the backpack which gives the person 100% concealment which is still maintained even while accessing the regular compartment for EDC items. The Masada backpack is also available in a military version. The front vest has molle loops which gives the option to attach various accessories such as holsters, pamphlets, pouches, and flashlights. The holster and pouch are not included.

Whether for commercial or personal use, if you are in the market for a protective vest or bulletproof backpack consider purchasing the Zahal Masada as your next piece of proactive equipment. When it comes to the safety of a human life there will never be such a thing as being too protected. Trust Masada Armour for any and all of your protective needs!