Combat Vests Your Personal Protection

Every human being aspires to be safe in their endeavors, no matter what they do, whether at work, at home, or even while camping. Too bad if your job is continuously associated with risky situations like a gun attack. Military personnel, for example, must wear combat vest for their safety, especially when in combat.

Each of these men must personally ensure that they are well protected by wearing the appropriate bulletproof vest and, at the same time, adept at self-defense strategies. Soldiers should not rely solely on their bulletproof vests. Wearing it is no guarantee of escaping without knowing the basic facts of self-defense. You need to be vigilant, alert, aggressive, quick, calm, and insightful, especially if your job is regularly under pressure.

Any ballistic vest is your protective clothing. This is designed to repel projectiles of different strength or ballistic impact. Therefore, bulletproof vests are also categorized into six different levels set by the National Institute of Justice based on the types of ammunition available in the market today.

Therefore, each person, profession, or task may also require different types of vests. The military on the ground, law enforcement, and civilians are exposed to varying degrees of threats. So, it won’t be practical to wear the same type or level of protection if you don’t need it, right? As such, the NIJ has set a standard suited to the variability of each individual’s needs. Not only will they wear what is appropriate, but they can also save a lot of money. Keep in mind that the higher the level of the vest, the more expensive it also becomes.

It will seem ridiculous for a civilian to wear those bulky, heavy-duty vests or put on extra plates when going to the office. These types of individuals may require lighter and much thinner protection than men in the armed forces. Advances in technology have resulted in the latest development of a more lightweight, concealable bulletproof vest.

Unlike medieval times, bulletproof combat vests are not as bulky as they used to be. These gears are lighter in weight and fitted with additional pockets for extra protection and other accessories like a grenade or radio. Whenever higher security is required, plates will be inserted into the pockets to achieve the desired level of ballistic resistance. The highest level of resistance can deflect the impact of projectiles from most lethal ammunition, such as the AK-47 and INSAS.

If you work in the military, armed forces, or any other law enforcement agency, it is wise to wear a bulletproof combat vest, especially when you are on the job. This ballistic vest is your protection against possible assaults that might be encountered during battle or even if it is not. Remember, no one can ever predict when the inevitable might happen. So be careful at all times and wear your protective clothing every day.

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