Armor body

Armor body is protective clothing when in a dangerous situation and there is a high chance of being attacked. Armor body are of two types that is, the hard and soft armor. The hard armor is worn by police and the military while the soft armor is suitable for the common people who are at the risk of being attacked.

The hard armor body is made of several systematic metal or ceramic plates. They are much heavier compared to the soft body armor. The police and the military wear the hard body armor only when there is a particular threat of being injured like when controlling a riot. The soft armor body is made of high fiber material designed like a cloth that captures the bullet and reduces the rate of impact. They are of various kinds such as bullet proof vests and concealable body armor.

Technically there is nobody armor that is bulletproof. Therefore, the armor body must go through a series of testing by the NIJ laboratories. Those who want to start producing the armor body should be aware of the certified materials. Kevlar is the most used material used to make bulletproof vests. Twaron, gold shields are also used. The NIJ has proven the materials with high ballistic resistant abilities. The institute has records showing that a higher number of police and servicemen live have been saved due to the use of body armor and bullet proof vests.

Bulletproof armor body has been used by the forces and police for a long time and has shown a recommendable reduction of bodily harm and deaths of the police. The ballistic resistant armor body not only protects the officers from bullets but also from shrapnel, accidents, and metallic weapons that they may be attacked with. The detailed testing ensures they meet the specific qualification and their bullet-resistant are categories so they can be rated to different users.